We’re in quite an interesting time, aren’t we? 

You could say we live two lives, one on planet earth and another through the Internet. 

The crazy thing is, most things we do in real life, we’ve figured out how to do online. 

From talking to friends, to learning, to shopping, everything has an online aspect and to really take advantage of the Internet, you need one thing. 

A website. 

Not just any ole website, a platform to express your ideas or even run a business. 

It has to be well designed and branded so every user who visits has an amazing overall experience. 

So how do ya do that?

We are TomKin Consulting, LLC  and we build your brand, we do this through building a website and assisting you throughout the journey.

Here’s why it’s so important to do this:

Money: After you gain traction, your online presence can reward you with additional income. This is something you can work on while still going to your 9-5 and eventually, your online revenue will grow beyond what you thought possible!

Creativity: Your website acts as a platform to express yourself for all to see! Whether it’s writing down your complex thoughts or displaying your incredible paintings, your website can be anything you choose it to be.

Professionalism: Having a website is a huge resume builder, as well as having your own email address. The more you build your website with content, the more experience you gain which can be shown on your resume!

Influence: Become an authority on certain subjects or services using your site. A business requires a website to be known as an authority among their competition.

Ease: It’s so easy to create a website today. No coding necessary. Leave it all to us! We’ve got the know-how, the technology, and the wearathole to get things done for you!