Top 10 Online Business Ideas

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Are you finding yourself bored at home in the midst of this pandemic?

Have a bunch of free time or after work hours have been cut?

If you’re feeling a little creative,  then the odds are a small investment can create an online business for you.

Here are some ideas to make some extra cash with some ingenuity and a little effort.


1.  Sticker Designer and Creator

If you love buying stickers from websites, e.g., Redbubble or Etsy, and can’t always find exactly what you want, why not design and create one yourself?

It’s so doable. All you need is some sticky vinyl paper, a cutter, a laptop, and some thinking outside of the box.

You can create your own website or Instagram to sell your products.

You could even partner with Redbubble or Etsy to sell your products. Although, Redbubble and Etsy keep a percentage of the total sales.

So, if you would like 100% of the profit, you should use a personal website as the best option.

Cough cough, here at Tomkin we can help you out.

It will take time to build a client base, but many people are interested in stickers and your business will grow itself.


2.  Baking

Do you love making treats and eating food? Baking is a great way to express that creativity and enjoy some grub at the same time.

Again, you will need to invest some money into baking supplies, but the company will build itself.

As for selling your products, you can create a Facebook page and Instagram account to brand yourself and attach a URL to your website.

When it comes to your baked goods, it is nice to keep a variety of options for your customers, including vegan options or gluten-free options.

Once you create a website and brand yourself, your business can support itself.

Of course, there will be slow moments and setbacks as with any business, but everyone needs baked goods at least once a year – birthdays.


3.  Candle Making

Do you like candles while dislike paying too much for them? Here’s a fun solution, make your own, you can buy a starter kit from Amazon, and go from there.

After some trials and tribulations, you will be on your way to creating your own candle business.

You can create your own website and Instagram account to build your clientele, and once that’s built you can move your products to Etsy as well to expand your business farther.

However, you have to keep in mind. Etsy does take a percentage of total sales.

So once again if you want to keep 100% of the profit, a personal website is the best way to go.

With your candle business, if you advertise well enough, it should boom and fly easily.


4.  Custom Tumblers

Who does not love a cute tumbler to carry their morning coffee or late-night adult drink?

Custom tumblers are becoming all the rage now, with some looking like and some having cute quotes or monograms on them.

Like any other startup business, you will have to invest in tools and supplies to get started.

Again, Amazon is a one-stop shop to all business needs, even for a custom tumbler making kit.

You can brand yourself on Instagram and Facebook. You can create a website to sell your products.

Again, you could sell through Etsy, but you would be losing some of your total profits.


5.  Paint and Print Making 

Who would you not want a beautiful painting or custom print in their home?

This takes a lot of creativity and time to create, but the outcome is beautiful. You could event create custom cards.

You could leave them blank or make them specific for occasions.

Investing in your business will always be a factor to starting a business, it could be a few hundred dollars or, potentially, up to thousand dollars to start your business.

Amazon is a great place to buy anything to start a business. You can find a print making kit here.

As always, Instagram is one of the best ways to brand yourself and build your clientele.

Once you have a base clientele, you can create your own website. As your business grows, if you are comfortable with it, you can move your business to Etsy.


6.  Clothes Designer

Do you think your closet is lacking clothes? Can you sew?

Maybe, the designing of clothes is the thing for you.

If you do not think that you could fully design clothing pieces, while still enjoying sewing, you could become a tailor/seamstress.

You could advertise your services on Facebook pages and create a business Instagram account.

There is no need for an Etsy account, but a personal website will be best for your business if you are designing and creating your own clothes.

If you are a tailor or seamstress, you would not necessarily need a website, but you could create one to look more professional.

7.  Mask Creator

Do you want cute masks? But do you not want to pay a crazy price for it?

You can make and design your own masks. This is a booming business, especially now during the pandemic.

You can purchase fabric from any fabric store and sew your own masks.

If you want vinyl designs on the mask, you can purchase a vinyl heat press to heat transfer designs onto your masks.

You would also need a Cricut cutting machine to first cut out your design before you can heat press it onto your mask.

Your products could be sold on Instagram, Facebook, a personal website, and can sell your products on Etsy.

Your clientele will build quickly as everyone needs a cute and stylish mask now.

Just remember to follow CDC guidelines for the masks to make them as useful as possible.


8.  Blogger

Another great business to start is blogging. You can blog about anything and find ways to make a profit.

Also, you could blog for a specific company looking for new workers with fresh thoughts.

You could blog for fun as something to do with your free time. We’re in a pandemic after all.

You could use your blog to review products for companies and make profit from that too.

Blogging only takes some creativity but takes time to perfect the pieces as well.

Blogging is a self-motivated type of business to create, But if you have the self-motivation, you would thrive as a blogger. Y

ou just have to find the perfect opportunity to build a business from it, specifically with us! Tomkin Consulting is always looking for great writers, just send us an email.

9.  Podcaster

Do you like talking and want to express your opinions? Podcasting might be the right job for you.

The best way to make money as a podcaster is through sponsorships or asking your listeners to send some money to help support you.

You can buy a podcasting setup from Amazon.

You can brand your podcast on Instagram and even give sneak peaks and behind the scenes of your podcasting on Instagram Live to gain more listeners and followers.

You can create a quirky podcast title, which will make people even more intrigued to listen to your podcast.


10.  Web Developer

Lastly, if you are creative and have a great understanding of computers, then web developing may be the thing for you.

You can work for a business creating websites for the.

Or you can create websites for people looking to create their own small businesses.

You will need your own website that showcases your portfolio and a base clientele willing to tell other people about your services.

Creativity and being able to create exactly what the client want is an important part of being a web developer as well.

All in all, these are only 10 of the plethora of online businesses you could create.

Creativity and ambition can go a long way in the business world. Just remember that every business requires some sort of investment, but the end result is what makes it worth it.