There are various reasons why many adults have been investing their time into listening to podcasts. One of the main appeals is that that you are able to listen to them from your home, car, or anywhere as long as you have a device for it. You still may wonder why and whaaiyuk jersey custom ohio state jersey brandon aiyuk jersey justin jefferson lsu jersey deuce vaughn jersey drew allar jersey penn state jersey brandon aiyuk jersey deuce vaughn jersey brock purdy jersey johnny manziel jersey college football jerseys fsu jersey custom ohio state jersey brock purdy jersey t kind of podcasts began this increase in America?

Here are the 4 reasons podcasts have risen among young adults:

  1. The different genres for all interests or hobbies.
  2. A sense of connection with passive listening.
  3. Being able to listen to them whenever and wherever.
  4. The ability to listen to them for free.

These are some of the reasons why podcasts continue to increase among young adults. Let’s break each one down so we can explore how podcasts are beneficial to those who listen to them.

  1. The Different Genres for All Interests or Hobbies

Many people listen to podcasts because they can find a topic that sparks their interest, it could be something they want to learn more about, or simply something they like hearing about. This creates the broader question – what are the different genres, and where can I find them?

Some of the different genres include:

  • True crime
  • Fashion
  • Politics
  • Comedy
  • Sports
  • Religion
  • Drama
  • Environment/science
  • Health/fitness
  • News
  • Dog training
  • Investment/finance

You can find and listen to them at:

  • through Amazon
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Play Music
  • Spotify
  • Castro
  • Youtube

Starting with an idea of what podcast topic interests you will help begin the process of deciding what you want to listen to and learn more about. All of these podcasts are out there for people to listen to and gain more knowledge on that topic.

  1. A Sense of Connection with Passive Listening

Podcasts give a sense of connection between the person speaking and those who listen to it. This connection is made through:

  1. Feeling like you are having a conversation with the person you are listening to, even though you are not, because you feel like you are there with them in the room.
  2. It is a place for you to feel welcome in knowing that other people listen to it too. For example, those who listen to the true crime are known as true crime junkies, making people feel like they part of that specific group.
  3. Allowing people to use their creativity of characters and scenes in the story or information being spoken about. For example, if someone in a podcast tells a story that has happened to them, people can picture that person and the setting in many different ways.

Being able to relate and have a connection has a big part in why people listen to podcasts. If the topic doesn’t match with what the person was looking for in the first place, then they will move on and try to find something better suited for them. With the pandemic going on, this gives people the opportunity to connect with or relate to others while in the safety of their own home. This is important because when people were locked down and alone, podcasts helped them feel like they were still with other people, which provides comfort by helping them link with someone else.

  1. Being Able To Listen To Them Whenever and Wherever

Availability and accessibility make podcasts work because you can listen to them from your phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, and even on a smart speaker, like Alexa. This is important because if something is easily accessible, then people will utilize it. Here are some ways you can use it whenever and wherever:

  • A long car ride: Podcasts help people stay awake because they can listen to an interesting podcast to intrigue them. Sometimes music can make you feel sleepy, especially on a long car ride, so podcasts help because they make the brain think, which makes you stay awake.
  • While cleaning: sometimes cleaning can be tiresome, but podcasts can get your mind off of it by making you think about a different topic while getting stuff done around the house.
  • During a workout: Working out while listening to podcasts can help you focus on something else because some exercises can be challenging, long, and tedious, but podcasts can get you to think about something else.
  • Getting ready in the morning: podcasts are hands-free, unlike a show or a book where you have to either be watching the screen or using your hands to hold a book, so it is nice to focus on getting ready while being entertained.

Being able to listen to podcasts whenever and wherever is a significant factor in why more young adults are starting to utilize them.

  1. The Ability To Listen To Them for Free

With many young adults’ money can be tight while they are getting on their feet and getting a job, so with most podcasts being free, this gives them the ability to listen to them. Since other advertisements finance most podcasts, it allows users to listen to them without having to pay. Also, in a 45-minute podcast, there are usually only two advertisements spots, unlike tv shows where you have long periods of advertisements. Two types of ads can be run, and they are the 15-second pre-roll and the 60-second mid-roll, so that means that most podcasts have a 15-second ad before it starts, and then in the middle of the podcast, there is a 60-second ad to split it up, so it is not all at once.

Having the ability to listen to podcasts for free is essential in why many young adults listen to them. While some podcasts aren’t free, there are various other options out there that are free of charge.

How Do I Tap Into the Podcast Market?

There are many key points you’ll want to keep in mind if you want to get into the podcast market, and they are through:

  • Quality content: Ensuring your content is valuable, unique, and will get the attention of your audience is essential. Pick content that will help your listeners gain and learn new information or skills while being entertaining. Make it unique by adding a new perspective because this will entice people to listen to it. Make sure it will get your audience’s attention because there are so many podcasts out there, so you want them to listen to yours.
  • Timing: Timing is everything. Keep in mind that promoting podcasts will take time to get people to recognize the content you are putting out. When you decide to put your podcast out, make sure you put at least three out there on the first day to promote your podcast channel. This allows people to listen to more than one and get to know you before deciding whether they want to continue with your channel. Publishing at a specific time will help the audience remember to look back on that day and time for your new podcasts.
  • Focusing on your audience: Picking out your audience will help you decide which demographics you want to focus on in your podcasts. Remember, not all podcasts are for everyone because people have different likes and desires regarding what they want to listen to. That is why it is essential to focus on your audience.
  • Experimenting and measuring: When it comes to podcasts, you need to keep in mind that practice makes perfect. The more you do something, the better you get, so experiment and figure out what works best for you and your audience. You will probably notice that one thing will work and another one might not, so do not get discouraged and learn that it is okay to try different things.

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