So You Want to Start an Online Business

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Why You Should Start an Online Business

There are many reasons you should start an online business; some may include: you are bored and want extra income, you are passionate about what you do and want others to enjoy it, or you have a knack for being able to sell products and think an online business is the best way to do that. Whatever the reason, an online business, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a feasible option for so many people. You can get a free domain, purchase one, or use other platforms to promote your business.

However, you need to commit to your online business to be successful and profitable. You also need to remember that online businesses are not made for everyone. Every business is different and requires different steps, but there are key components that are consistent within every business. There are some easy steps to starting an online business, but you need to follow through for everything to be cohesive.


6 Steps to Starting an Online Business

  1. Business Plan

Every great business begins with an even better business plan. You have to create a business plan to keep yourself organized and in budget while you are in the beginning phases. Even if you are online, you have to create a budget and plan.

Your business plan should include the amount of money you need to invest to begin your business, whether it be for a domain name or paying someone to create your website. It also needs to include multiple paths to prepare for any obstacles that may arise. Some obstacles might be a later launch date than planned or lack of sales in your first few months.

Every business owner begins with a business plan that helps them kick start their business. Your business plan should be as detailed as possible without overwhelming you. Your life will be made easy by starting an online business with a business plan.



Branding is also key to any online business. Branding attracts clientele and can begin before you open your online business. Branding includes advertising and telling clients and customers what your business will be for and why you want them to support you.  

Branding should be spread across multiple platforms, and in this day and age you can give your business free branding from personal Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn pages. You can post what you are going to be offering on your website, why you started your website, and you should make it captivating so that strangers want to support you and your business ventures. 

Your brand should represent you and what you stand for. However, remember that no matter how hard your online business venture may seem, you have to stick to your brand. If you change your branding sporadically, your clients may not be able to keep up with you and will slowly stop visiting your online business.  

Branding is important to any online business. In the 21st century, branding is made easy with all of the social media platforms. Just remember to keep it exciting so more people are intrigued about your website and what you have to offer.


Logos are absolutely important to an online business. Your logo is what helps customers and clientele remember your business from a mere image.  

Your logo should be exciting and represent you in the best way possible. It should be colorful, but not too overwhelming, and it should be legible. It should not be too big or too long, you want something that is catchy and memorable to people. The colors should be complementary to each other while still fitting the theme of your online business.  

Your logo should be present on your website, business cards, packaging, and could even be able to be sold as stickers for dedicated customers. The more you put your logo out there, the more branding you are doing for yourself and the more clients you will see on your business page. A logo is important to your business.



Commitment may not seem like the most important thing, but you need to stay committed to what you are doing, even when times get hard and you want to give up. Your commitment to your online business is what will make it thrive.  

When you decided to start an online business you made a commitment not only to yourself but to your future customers as well. This commitment includes your business plan, branding, and logos. You have to commit your time and money into starting an online business, without commitment you may not make it very far. It might get hard, but your commitment to your clientele is what should drive you to do better and strive for more. You should also commit to yourself. This may sound silly, but if you have commitment and faith in yourself you will want what is best for you and for your business no matter the cost or energy it will take.  

Your commitment to your clients will show itself in your packaging and maintenance of your website. Just remember to keep time for yourself and that you it is okay if it gets hard sometimes because your commitment will make any obstacle seem easier to overcome.

5. Clientele

Your clientele and customers are so absolutely important to your online business. Your clientele is what will grow your business and keep it growing.  

You need to keep a happy clientele and the easiest way is to stay committed to your brand. If they have issues with orders, offer them a multitude of solutions that would work for both of you and them so they know you care and are willing to help them if something goes wrong. Your clientele is important for your business. They are the people that will brand for you by word of mouth and Instagram and Facebook posts gushing about the new item they just received in the mail.  

A happy client or customer equates to a booming business. Branding will build your clientele, but it is your job to maintain that customer base and continue to build your customer following. 

6. Employees 

If your business grows large enough, you may have to hire employees to help you. If you plan to run a small business, this is not a concern but remember any small business can grow into something much larger.  

Your employees are human too, remember they have feelings and you need to treat them as equals. A happy workplace will make for happy employees. Sometimes with online businesses it might just be your family that helps you or you may hire people that have more experience and can be more efficient in the task given to them. However, your employees should have the same commitment to the business as you have, that way every package is packaged with the same amount of care you would package it with. 

Again, you may not have the need for employees but if you do, treat them with kindness and respect. Your employees are an integral part to helping you maintain your business.  

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting an Online Business

  1. Do you have the commitment required to starting an online business?
  2. Do you have a business plan that will make starting an online business as smooth as possible? 
  3. Will you get bored and want to change your business when it is not doing as well as you expected?