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To find the best digital marketing solution, it is hard for businesses. To advertise and market a business, businesses may not know the key things to expand and generate income. Therefore, TomKin Consulting, LLC eliminates the guesswork from the entire process. Check below for all of our services.

Copywriting / Ghost Writing

TomKin Consulting, LLC has an in-house team of dedicated content creators. They can help create high-quality content. So, your website will articulate the brand’s values, mission, and vision. The content will build trust, grow website traffic, increase conversions, stay fresh and relevant, and, ultimately, delight customers.

Logo & Graphic Design

Your business is unique. You need to show customers and possible clients the business is different throughout marketing materials. Our graphic designs are original. They cater, specifically, to your business style, personality, and online branding.

Online Branding

Brands are built by customers, NOT Businesses!  A consumer’s positive or negative experience with your brand is everything. Your consistency level in messaging. Your company’s ability to deliver on consumers’ expectations. Every interaction creates a perception of thoughts and emotions about the company. Brands that break promises die.

Web Design & Development

If you can dream it, then we will create it. ‘Dreams 2  Realties’ is our motto!!! 98% of all customers looking for the a particular product or service start searching online. Therefore your website really is your on-line advertisement and store-front to the world.

Social Media Marketing

We provide social media marketing, management and consultancy services for brands of all sizes. We work for start-ups to growth-phase businesses to mature, established companies.


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Research & Analysis

We provide formal research and data analytics on websites. We translate this into increased traffic, user engagement, and consumer bases.

Roadmap planning

We develop detailed plans of action. These are developed with the client to assist them in adding fidelity to the vision of their company or website.

Execute & Monitor

We take the data from the outcomes of the website changes and translate these into further points for improvement on all levels of the company’s website.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

 “We do everything in-house. We don’t have to go out to get anybody. We got our own writers. We got our own web developers. We got our own graphics designers. So, when you come to us for support, you don’t have to worry about us looking for somebody to fill a piece of your project.

So, if you come to TomKin Consulting, LLC with a website project,  or you may want logos. You may want branding. You may even want social media management. We can do ALL that for you. You only have to speak to 1 consultant. They will facilitate everything for our client,”

Thomas E. Anderson, TomKin Consulting, LLC.

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