20 Online Businesses You Can Start With Little to No Money

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By using your particular expertise, you can create a profitable online business without regard to financial situation.

A lot has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have lost their careers, drained their savings, or adjusted to life remotely.

Due to this, more people have created virtual businesses to generate income.

The internet is a large place, filled with opportunities for anyone. No matter their experience or financial situation.

Utilize your skills to create a fantastic online business with little or no money.


1.  Resume Writer

The starting step for anyone’s career is always a resume.

These important documents are created to tell people an entire life’s story into a short and sweet piece of paper.

Any business professional has drafted countless of these, and, probably, even critiqued some others.

Why not use this expertise in helping workers draft resumes?

Use websites like Fiverr and Upwork to gain clientele.


2.  Blogger

If you love writing and have a passion, blogging may be the perfect online business for you.

There are so many types of blogs, the list is infinite.

From food blogs to book reviews, to fishing, there is an audience waiting to hear your thoughts on a topic.

The more creative you get, then the more people will be drawn to your content. Generate an income by monetizing your articles.


3.  Freelance Writer

If you love general writing and don’t have a specific interest in mind, maybe, freelance writing is the best option for you.

In this career, you’ll be able to write about a multitude of subjects and explore all kinds of writing.

Networking is the key for this career and ensures the creation of a portfolio to showcase your work.


4.  Video Content Creator

If writing isn’t your strong suit, you should try video content creation.

Similar to blogging, you can creating videos about your passions, and be consistent with creating content.

The more niche and create your content is, the more people will watch and share your videos.

Utilize sites like YouTube and Patreon to post your content and gain followers.


5.  Social Media Manager

Social media is the number one tool for any business to use now. Yet, many lack the experience to use its full potential.

If you’re someone who has been posting and sharing your life for years, you can take that experience and help out a business.

Reach out to local businesses and offer your expertise.

Even if you might not have a lot of experience in professional social media, utilize any personal experience to build your portfolio.


6.  Social Media Influencer

Maybe, you don’t want to manage other peoples’ social media. You rather manage your own.

Become a social media influencer by creating your brand and utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok to reach your full potential.

Focus on posting consistent and regular content to help grow your following.

Reach out to brands for sponsorships and market yourself.


7.  Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve already got a following on social media, kick it up a notch with affiliate marketing.

Reach out to businesses and brands for affiliate links or codes, then utilize your social media following to drive traffic to them.

Some businesses may pay a certain percentage of any sale used with your code or link, while others may pay anytime someone clicks on that link.

Some popular programs for affiliate marketing include Bluehost, Hostinger, and Cloudways.


8.  Online Event Promoter

Although, a lot of events have had to be postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, some events can be held with sufficient precautions.

Some events are even held remotely.

Take advantage of your promotional skills by helping businesses promote their events remotely.

This would be good for those with social media followings or those who have experience working with websites like Eventbrite, Mobilize, or Facebook events.


9.  Life Coach

Do the people in your life come to you for advice about relationships or career moves?

Do you enjoy helping people create the life of their dreams?

Maybe, becoming a life coach is the career move for you.

Being a life coach works great remotely by using websites like Zoom or Google Hangout.

Although, there are many certifications out there for life coaches.

None are completely necessary to get started on it.


10.  Tutor

Are you an expert in writing, chemistry, or even algebra?

Utilize your academic skills to help others succeed by becoming a virtual tutor.

This is great for people who need a lot of flexibility, like college students or parents.

Focus on areas your passionate about and the results will show!


11.  Virtual Assistant

If you’re someone with a lot of self-motivation, discipline, communication skills, and computer skills, a virtual assistant may be the path for you.

Tasks include things like managing emails, making phone calls, booking travel plans, or performing research.

Start pitching your skills and networking to get your career started.


12.  Used Book Seller

If you have a bunch of used books lying around and know that you’ll never open them again, then think about selling them online.

Websites like eBay, Mercari, and Depop are great resources for listing your items.

Amazon has a program where you can send used books and they’ll help you sell them.


13.  Translator

If you speak more than one language, utilize it by becoming a translator.

There are so many ways to take this career by translating documents, novels, or even captioning videos.

To be successful, target a specific industry and refine your skills.


14.  Bookkeeper

If you love math and organization, a remote bookkeeper may be the perfect online business for you.

In this career, you’ll help businesses track and organize their accounts, record all monetary transactions, and produce financial statements and other reports.

If you have a great number of skills and pay close attention to detail, this business might be perfect for you.


15.  Tech Support

If you’re computer-savvy and love helping others, tech support might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Reach out to any friends or family and ask if they need help setting up or maintain their devices to gain some experience before marketing yourself online to help with anyone’s daily tech problems.


16.  App Development

Do you love computers but also love to express your creativity? Maybe, app development is best for you.

Think about what apps are missing in people’s daily lives and create them.

Mobile app stores make it extremely simple to create and upload your created apps for people to download.

Then, just market yourself!


17.  Stock Photo Photographer

A stock photo photographer is perfect for people who love being creative and need flexibility.

Study specific markets and then use your skills to capture pictures perfect for them.

Use websites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, and iStock to sell your images.


18.  Graphic Designer

If you have great drawing skills and love to work on computers, graphic design may be the happy medium you’ve been looking for.

Refine your skills and work on your portfolio to showcase your skills.

Then, reach out to businesses to help with their graphic design needs.


19.  Illustrator

If you love drawing, especially for stories, an illustrator may be the perfect job for you.

Reach out to authors, especially those in the children’s book industry, to see if they need illustrations.

Put together a portfolio to help you gain momentum.


20.  Web Designer

Web design is a perfect industry for someone who has experience with technology and an eye for design.

One of the keys to a successful business is a great website.

Reach out to businesses whose websites may be lacking to gain experience and clientele.